Price Slater Gawne has helped a man who lost his foot in a workplace accident get back on two feet thanks to revolutionary technology.

Robert Upton, 64, from Wolverhampton is now walking around on two feet after fearing he would never walk again.

The drama began in September 2009 when a piece of machinery fell and crushed his foot. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment to save it. However, after six days and three operations, his injuries meant he had to have an ankle disarticulation amputation. He returned home, but was in no position to return to work and worried about his future.

He approached Altrincham law firm Price Slater Gawne who referred him to PACE Rehabilitation for a clinical assessment and medico-legal report Mr Upton explained:

“After the accident it was obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to go back to my job. I was very depressed, as before it happened I was an active hill walker, but felt a million miles away from being able to do that again.”

Prosthetist Jamie Gillespie, from PACE Rehabilitation, fitted Robert with bespoke silicone prosthesis, with a carbon fibre insole and colour matched skin. He said:

“This solution has restored much of Robert’s loss of function whilst being more discrete and aesthetically pleasing than a more conventional design.”

Robert is delighted with the outcome. He said: “It’s great. It’s far less bulky and much more realistic that I ever imagined. I’ll certainly be showing my toes off when I’m on my summer holidays later this year. I also hope to get back to my hill walking too, something I never dreamt of after my accident.”

Victoria Price, partner at law firm Price Slater Gawne, said:

“I instructed a joint assessment by a prosthetist and physiotherapist, to provide us with a complete picture of Robert’s rehabilitation needs. Luckily we can always reply on PACE. Armed with their comprehensive report and the other evidence gathered on Robert’s behalf, we were able to agree an out of court settlement, which Robert was happy to accept. We’re just happy that Robert now has a decent quality of life comparable to where he was before this accident.”