It’s Not Okay in Sport in Greater Manchester

It’s Not Okay In Sport is a campaign formed from the collaboration of Greater Manchester Police, charities, councils, sports clubs and players to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation in sport.

The campaign is staging events throughout Greater Manchester at professional clubs, amateur clubs, leisure centres, swimming pools, schools and academies – anywhere that sport takes place.

The Police and their partners will be delivering training to those involved in sport at any level, as players, coaches, managers and spectators to help them to protect young people from Child Sexual Exploitation, as well as training them on how to spot the signs of it. The message will be clear about what to do if the signs are there, who to speak to, and how to handle the next steps.

Salford Red Devils, FC United, Wigan Warriors, and Rochdale Hornets are among the many clubs that are supporting this campaign.

It’s Not Okay in Sport is encouraging all sports clubs to sign their charter and put it on their notice boards, web sites, facebook and twitter accounts.

It’s not okay is a collaboration of public sector and other partners in the Greater Manchester area.