Is it just the January blues?

Are you returning to work with ambition and excitement for the year ahead, filled with happy memories of fun from the festive period? Or are the ‘January Blues’ caused by more than just the dark mornings and cold weather?

Sadly, during the festive period, some people’s experiences of parties and celebrations, will have left them with injuries; both physical and psychological.

Reports of ‘drink spiking’ with alcohol or drugs such as Rohypnol or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) have increased significantly in recent years. Whilst spiking a drink is in its own right a legal offence, in many cases, drugs or alcohol are used to increase the vulnerability of a victim, leading to physical or sexual abuse.

The effects of drink spiking will differ based on a number of factors including the substance used, the quantity used, amongst other factors. In some cases, the effects of the substance mean that you are unable to remember the events the following day. – This can mean that victims may not remember being assaulted.

You may not remember but may suspect that you have been assaulted; you should report this to the Police. Female and male officers alike are specialised and experienced in dealing with situations like yours. You will also be supported by very experienced and understanding medical staff. They will also offer you information, support and guidance and signpost any next steps. They will be supportive and you will be believed.

Victoria Price, Head of Personal Injury commented:

“We have worked with clients who have been physically and sexually assaulted at social events and parties. The effects of this has impacted them significantly both physically and psychologically.

Whilst you may not remember an assault taking place due to a drink being spiked, this does not mean that it didn’t happen and that you do not require support to deal with this. We work with clients to assist them in accessing the support they require to move forward from the trauma they have experienced”.

At Price Slater Gawne, we are experienced in working with clients who have been physically and sexually assaulted and we understand where you might be right now. We help people to bring claims for the injuries they have suffered as well as supporting them through their rehabilitation and recovery.

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