The Coroners Inquiry into how a young man fell to his death at Wythenshawe Hospital begins today in Manchester.

In January 2013, Eugene St Leger was taken by ambulance to Stepping Hill Hospital and then on to Wythenshawe Hospital suffering from injuries to his neck. He was also suffering from psychological problems. He was vulnerable and unstable. Following an assessment at A & E at Wythenshawe Hospital he was transferred to a room upstairs on a normal medical ward pending treatment for his physical injuries. Moments later he fell through an unsecured window. He staggered to his feet and his final conscious moments were distressing. Some while later he died under resuscitation.

His family say he should have been assessed properly by a psychiatrist in A & E or elsewhere in the hospital and looked after in a safe place. They say that despite the fact he was distressed and his family members were telling staff that he was behaving uncharacteristically the clinical decisions that were made were wrong and they had disastrous consequences.

This family have been devastated by what happened. This week they want to find answers as to how this young man with such promise died so easily and needlessly while in the care of medical staff.

Victoria Price of Price Slater Gawne is representing the family in a claim against the Trust for medical negligence.

She can be contacted on 0161 615 5554 or 07792952458.