I have been injured because of violence. How do I claim compensation?

If you have come to this page you have most probably been injured due to physical or sexual violence. This article provides an overview of how we can help you to claim money so that you can start to recover from your experience.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government body that deals with compensation claims from individuals who have been injured because they were a victim of a violent crime. In most cases you must be free from any convictions and you must have cooperated with the police at the time of the attack and while the claim is ongoing.

The Scheme sets out how much you will be awarded for various types of injuries. If you have sustained multiple injuries, the Scheme will award you for the three most severe injuries. This includes both physical and psychological injuries. It also provides compensation for other financial losses incurred as a result of the violent crime.

If you are unable to work as a result of your injuries, you may be able to claim back your loss of earnings. If you remain unable to work, future loss of earnings can also be claimed.

Similarly, if you require care as a result, the cost of both the past and the future care can be claimed.

Sometimes victims require aids and appliances to assist with their daily living. This can include the adaptation of your home, for instance to allow wheelchair access. These expenses will be reflected in your award. Where a victim has lost their capacity, as a result of an attack, the Scheme will cover the costs of an application to the Court of Protection.

A victim of crime can receive substantial awards from the Scheme for the most serious of injuries. Where a victim has died as a result of the attack, funeral expenses can be claimed back. Their family can claim bereavement awards. Dependants of the deceased may be able to claim dependency awards. In certain circumstances family members may be able to claim for any psychological injuries resulting from the violent crime.

Presently the minimum award is £1,000 and the maximum award is set at £500,000. This sum will include compensation for the injury, loss of earnings and other special expenses incurred. Money cannot turn back the clock, or make injuries disappear, but violent crimes can make lives fall apart and this award may help you to pick up the pieces afterwards.

We have represented many clients, who came to us following abuse or attacks. If you have been the victim of violent crime and you want to make a claim, then contact us today for advice and help. Do not delay or you may lose out. You only have two years from the date of the incident to make your application. There are special circumstances where this period can be extended. We can discuss this with you. We are friendly, approachable and we will have your best interests at heart.