Surgery Claims

Surgery Claims

Injuries following surgery can be devastating. Where complications and injuries have occurred due to medical negligence, compensation can help victims and their families deal with these changes and the often lifelong, implications.

At Price Slater Gawne, we have helped our clients in a wide variety of successful surgery claims.

Typically, surgery compensation claims arise where the following have occurred:

  • Where patients are not given adequate warnings about the risks of surgery
  • Where surgeons chose the wrong type of surgery, use the wrong technique, or make errors during the surgery
  • Where there are unnecessary delays to the surgery taking place
  • Where there are problems with the anaesthetic
  • Where surgeons fail to realise during or after surgery that something has gone wrong, leading to further delays in treatment.

As well as making sure you’re compensated for any suffering, we’ll also help to secure compensation to cover any future costs, such as rehabilitation, loss of earnings or necessary adjustments to your home.

We have extensive experience of helping the victims of negligent surgical treatment. If you have experienced any of these problems or any other injury caused by surgery, contact our medical negligence lawyers for a no-obligation chat.