Finances, Divorce & Dissolution

Finances, Divorce & Dissolution

Usually when parties separate there will be financial issues to resolve. It is very important to obtain the best possible advice at the earliest opportunity as this area of law can be complicated and there are a wide range of options.

In every case, the family team at Price Slater Gawne will provide you with expert and specialist advice to assist you and to ensure that you have the best possible financial outcome to your separation in respect of income, capital and pension fund.

Financial aspects of divorce and dissolution can include:

  • Properties
  • Pensions
  • Payment of capital lump sums
  • Spousal and child maintenance
  • High net worth individuals
  • Sharing of investments
  • Valuations of businesses and sharing of business assets
  • Trusts and Family Settlements
  • Inherited Assets
  • Hidden assets
  • Freezing assets being dissipated by one party.

Both parties are expected to give full disclosure of all assets and income. Thereafter, ideally an agreement is reached through a range of options – negotiations between lawyers, mediation, collaborative meetings or arbitration. If none of these options are suitable your particular case then we will guide you through court proceedings.

Where necessary, we instruct expert forensic accountants to value businesses, examine family trusts and pension actuaries to advise in relation to pension sharing.
Here at Price Slater Gawne, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and advice. We understand that financial matters can be the most worrying aspect of your separation and your future.

As part of our discussions, we will also discuss the importance of ensuring you have a will in place that sets out your wishes for your estate.

Our family department has over 50 years experience of family law, advising and supporting clients and their families from all over England and Wales.

For a discussion to find out how we can help you can:

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If you are based outside of the Manchester area, we can correspond with you by email and we can arrange interviews by phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom.