Family Mediation

Family Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is focused on resolving the issues faced by a separating couple, such as the division of assets, arrangements in relation to children and other such family related matters.

Mediation involves both parties meeting with a neutral, independent mediator, who will not take sides with either party, but rather work with you both to reach mutual decisions and agreement.

After the mediation, you should seek legal advice to review the proposals that have been reached in mediation and create a binding agreement.

What are the benefits of Mediation?

There are a number of benefits of mediation in relation to the breakdown of a marriage including:

  • Preservation of relationships through effective communication
  • Focus on reaching agreement together, rather than attributing blame
  • Saves time compared to going to court
  • Retain control over the process and decisions
  • More cost effective than going to court

Price Slater Gawne Solicitor Nicholas Clough is an experienced mediator, who has extensive experience of working with clients to assist in reaching mutually beneficial agreements. If you would like to arrange a mediation appointment for yourself or a client, please contact 0161 6155554 or email