Acts of terrorism

Acts of terrorism

Terrorist attacks are intended to cause indiscriminate destruction and devastation. The most common methods being bombing, chemical or biological attack, kidnapping, shootings, hijacking and more recently in Berlin and France, using vehicles as weapons.

If you have survived one of these acts of terror it will have caused you physical as well as psychological injuries. Lost limbs, spinal injuries, severe scarring, burns, loss of senses are common because of the nature of the attacks. Psychologically the memories of what happened are difficult to live with. Anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia often follow. The effects are devastating for survivors, family and friends for years afterwards and the effects are devastating in so many ways:

You may lose you job, be unable to return to work or be unable to work at all. You may also not be able to return to college, school or university. Invariably your income now and in the future will be reduced by what has happened. This will affect you as well as your family.

You may need aids and appliances to help you to go about your every day life, such as crutches, a stair lift, wet room, ramp access. Your transport and mobility choices may be effected. You may need a wheelchair or a car with adaptations. You may also need someone to accompany you out in public and in the home.

Medically, unless you have insurance you will be reliant on the NHS. There is no guarantee that the services you need to access will be readily available for you, especially if you have mental health needs.

The cost is not just physical and psychological it is much greater. You need help and support to help you to rehabilitate, recover and to move forward.

If you have been injured in anyway because of an act of terrorism you can consider making a claim for compensation to help you recover and prepare for the years ahead.

If terrorism has resulted in someone dying, relatives can make a claim for the lost loved one, for help with the funeral costs as well as help with the financial dependency of any children.

The time limit that applies in your case will be discussed between you and your solicitor. It is usually 2 years from the date of the terrorism for a CICA claim.

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