Court of Protection

Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is the Court in England and Wales that has authority to determine issues relating to a person’s capacity.

If it is determined that a person lacks capacity to make decisions concerning their personal welfare or property and affairs then the court may appoint a deputy to make these decisions on behalf of the person.  The role of deputy carries a number of legal requirements and deputies are supervised by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

At Price Slater Gawne, we advise on all Court of Protection matters including:

  • Lay Deputy Applications
  • Advice to Lay Deputies including Office of the Public Guardian advice and Care Funding Issues
  • Professional Deputy Applications and acting as Professional Deputy
  • Applications to change deputy or discharge a client from the Court of Protection
  • Statutory Will Applications
  • Support to Local Authorities
  • Adult Safeguarding and the Investigation of Financial Abuse

We understand that each case concerning the Court of Protection is unique and our team are here to support you and your family in order to help you navigate this complex area. We believe in a client centred approach designed to empower individuals whilst supporting family members and friends to better understand capacity within the legal framework.

Changing your appointed deputy

There are a number of circumstances in which a deputy may no longer be able to act including in certain cases where there has been a breakdown in the relationship between the individual and the deputy. Where this occurs an application can be made to discharge the deputy and if appropriate appoint a new deputy in their place. If you or a family member wish to consider this type of application then please contact us and depending upon the particular circumstances we might be able to assist with such an application without charging any legal fees.

For further information or support relating to the Court of Protection or appointing a Deputy, please contact us on 0161 615 5554.