Heirlooms and Antiques

We all cherish certain items; antiques, art work, jewellery, crockery, record collections, clothing or photographs. Some hold little financial value but significant sentimental value. Some have significant financial value. If you wish to pass them on to a loved one, a relative or close friend, how can you be sure that this will happen when you die?

It may be that you have already advised your loved ones about the possessions that you have, where they are kept and who you would wish them to go to. You may have taken photographs of these items or written an inventory, they may be stored in a vault or safe or you maybe wearing them as you read this. Without formally documenting these items and saying who you want to inherit them your intentions could fail. Items can be over looked or misplaced or lost.

When you make a Will, you can identify exactly what possessions you have, where they are kept and who you would like to leave them to. If a solicitor drafts your Will there can be no mistake about the arrangements. You may have worked hard to get these items, they may have been left to you in the first place in someone else’s Will, and they may have been given to you as a mark of someone’s love or appreciation for you. The objects will have a story. Make sure you pass those stories on with the items and that the correct people receive them. Keep them alive for future generations to enjoy them as you have.

A Will will ensure that you can be confident that a treasured family heirloom will be passed on to those you love without any difficulties or confusion.

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