The Royal College of GPs has voiced concerns today that doctors are not being given the right training to help with the increase in mental health problems among young people in England and Wales.

GPs are complaining that there is a lack of any up-to-date research on mental health disorders and that the last significant study was done 10 years ago.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of 15 to 34-year-olds are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. In the most serious of cases young people are self -harming or taking their own lives.

The recession is being blamed for young people struggling to cope with the lack of jobs, money and opportunities.

The minister in charge of mental health care in England, Norman Lamb, describes the service as being “hit and miss” when it comes to GPs that understand mental health issues properly. Despite this there are no details about when the government plans to introduce more mental health training for GPs.

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