Government review of NHS self reporting procedures

Earlier this month the government announced a long overdue review of the NHS self reporting procedures.

They have referred to a culture of “cover up” which has hidden poor care for many years.

At Price Slater Gawne we are not surprised by this revelation. For years we have been seeing responses to complaints that attempt to misdirect a patient away from the true issues with their care. We have even seen cases where the NHS continues to deny any failures in care despite being informed that an independent medical expert has been critical. In many cases that results in additional legal costs and stress for the victim of the poor care.

The NHSLA has been in a unique position to consolidate all the information about which trusts are failing to provide the correct care as they are the gate keepers for all claims against the NHS. Despite this there has been no improvement in patient safety and instead increased calls to reduce the rights of injured victims.

If this latest step is a further recognition by the government that the best way to tackle increasing levels of claims is to make fewer mistakes then it represents the first sensible discourse on the subject of clinical negligence in decades.

Any other organisation would be aiming to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by their staff yet the NHS has preferred to deny and decry instead. Those who are injured need apologies and help (often financial) not to be forced to use the Courts to get any answers or assistance.

The full report can be read here

It was also reported in the Guardian and on the BBC