Get your house in order

Buying a house, either on your own or as a couple is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make during your lifetime. It is likely to become your biggest asset too.

This new home brings with it responsibilities and obligations. To ensure these are met we take out mortgage cover, house insurance, life or critical illness cover, but so many of us do not consider making arrangements for the house if we die.

The purchase of a house is something that should prompt us to consider all of our assets and wishes for the future and to document these in a Will.

No matter how much equity you have in the property, this can be left as a gift to a loved one when you die. Leaving clear, express instructions regarding who you would wish the property to be left to, is essential. This will guarantee that your interest in the house passes onto the person or people you want it to. Large or small, the equity is an asset and you do not want your family or loved ones to be arguing about who is entitled to it. Setting out your intentions now will create certainty for your loved ones.

Whether you are in the process of purchasing a property or are the owner of a property, why not make your wishes clear by asking a solicitor to prepare your will for you? Get your house in order!

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