Mental Health Charity MIND has published a report which highlights that face-down restraint are still be used in mental health hospitals despite the fact that this technique can cause injuries and can sometimes be life threatening. The technique involves patients being forced to the floor, face down and then pinned to the floor by health workers. The guidelines say it is to be used as a way of preventing patients harming themselves or others. Mental Health Trusts were asked to share their data as part of the research. Not all of the Trusts recorded the incidents so could not participate. The Trusts who reported the highest number of incidents were Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Trust (923) and Southern Health Trust in Southampton (810), Oxford Health (225), Kent and Medway (192) and Pennine Care (175). The Government is considering banning the technique because of the risk of injury, sometimes death as well as it being traumatic and frightening for patients. Some Trusts such as Sheffield Health and Social Care have already banned the use of the face-down technique.

The Trusts also recorded over 39,883 incidents of all types of physical restraint on mental health patients. These incidents resulted in over 949 injuries.

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