Experiencing violence over the Christmas period

Party season is upon us.

Mad Friday. Christmas parties. Christmas markets. Late nights and early mornings. High spirits, drink and drugs.

This is when things can often get out of hand.

Street violence, domestic violence and sexual violence always tend to increase over the Christmas period. Party goers and revellers are vulnerable; so too are the people who work over Christmas to keep us safe and who help us to have a good time.

The emergency services are stretched for most of the year as it is; and at Christmas time – having to deal with increased incidents of injuries and public order issues – they themselves can also be harmed in the process. People working in pubs and clubs, restaurants and hotels can also bear the brunt of rows and fights breaking out. As well as people who work for cab firms and public transport who can also become victims of threatening language and attacks.

It’s a sad reality, but not everyone will have a Happy Christmas this year.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme provides compensation for innocent victims of violence to help them recover from their ordeal. Compensation can be claimed for either physical or psychological injuries, whether they occurred in a public place, at work or in private.

However, when making a claim there are specific requirements that need to be adhered to which are well worth noting:

  • You must report the crime to the police as soon as possible.
  • You must cooperate fully with the police.
  • You must have had medical treatment and have followed any medical advice given.
  • You must bring your claim within 2 years of the offence occurring.

Vicky Price of Price Slater Gawne says, “Over the years we have acted for many clients whose injuries have occurred over the Christmas period with circumstances covering domestic violence, sexual assault, street violence, common assault, muggings and threats of violence. This is terribly sad considering the whole premise of Christmas and the efforts people go to make it a joyous time for everyone.”

“Compensation will never erase the memory of what has happened to them. But it can go some way to helping people recover from their injuries; especially if the money can go towards paying for treatment or be put to another good use such as a college course or a hobby.

“Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims take a long time to process, so we do advise our clients that the sooner the application is made the better.”

If you or someone you know finds yourself in need of advice about this sort of claim, contact us in confidence and privacy on 0161 615 5554 or email us on info@psg-law.co.uk.