Don’t lose your precious family history

Many of us are fascinated with history, particularly that of our own families. – We search websites to learn about our ancestors, to try and find out who they were, their story and uncover facts about their lives.

When loved ones pass away and properties are emptied, memories from the past are often discovered, old photographs from childhood, letters written between families separated by War, wedding albums and other such memories from long ago. However, these items that form part of a family’s history are often disregarded or forgotten about when it comes to a person making arrangements for a time when they are no longer here.

Many people think of a will as just being a tool to pass on wealth, property and assets with a financial value, but it can also be used to ensure family ‘treasures’ are passed on to the next generation, ensuring precious family history is not lost.

When you make a will, you can identify what possessions you have; whether they are of financial, historic or of sentimental value and what you would wish to happen to these, where they are kept and who you would like to leave them to.

By asking a Solicitor to draft your Will, you can rest assured that all your wishes are documented formally and that your family mementos are protected for the future. These items have a story – yours and your family’s story – protect it for future generations. Help your family learn about your life when you are no longer here and your stories and memories kept alive for them to enjoy.

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