Celebrating Our Community Champions Pt1

We’ve recently been hearing lots of uplifting stories about the extraordinary things people are doing to help others in their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, this bank holiday weekend, we’d like to pay homage to the members of our own team who are going above and beyond when it comes to supporting keyworkers within their own localities.

Kim CarmyllieToday we’re focussing on Practice Manager, Kim Carmyllie, who has been making uniform wash bags for nurses on the maternity ward at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

Kim told us, “Looking through my social media feeds, I was astounded by the number of people who were getting involved in making scrub bags and face masks for medical staff and keyworkers. Being quite a crafty person myself, I really wanted to play my part and be somehow involved.

“Following a (socially distant) conversation with my next-door neighbour, a senior midwife at St Mary’s, she mentioned that although the midwifery staff didn’t wear scrubs per se, they were no longer allowed to leave the hospital wearing their uniforms; so some form of wash bag would come in really handy.”

Kim went on to scour the house for as much spare cotton fabric as she could find and has already rustled up 17 bags. She even gets her mum involved, who adds an element of embroidery to each bag to give it an individual look.

The lockdown period has been particularly difficult for Kim who, outside of work, is heavily involved with the Scouting community. Every weekend in late spring and summer you’d generally find her canoeing, catering for leaders or on a campsite somewhere.

covid19-community-champion-rosette“Creating uniform wash bags has been a welcome distraction and has kept my hands and mind busy. It’s really rewarding to be able to give back to the local community, and especially to NHS staff who are already under an immense amount of pressure to maintain an impeccable level of hygiene.

“Since they’re 100% cotton, the bags I make can be washed at 60 degrees and reused; so as well as being practical, from an environmental perspective it’s comforting to know that you’re likely to be saving dozens of plastic bags from reaching landfill too.”

Well done Kim (and mum), we’re proud to feature you as a Price Slater Gawne Community Champion!