If a child is assaulted by another child

If your child is assaulted by another child can he or she claim compensation for their injuries?  The answer is yes.

Victoria Price explains “even though the person who commits the assault is under 18 you can still bring a claim to the CICA.  Providing that the injured child did not provoke the fight or make it worse, that they are free from any convictions themselves, that they cooperate with the police and the claim is submitted in time there should be no problems. The defendant will most likely be dealt with by the youth courts. It is unlikely that the courts will be able to offer anything by way of compensation from the defendant so the CICA is probably the only option. A lot of parents assume their child will have until they are 21 to bring a claim. This isn’t correct. Strict deadlines apply so parents and guardians need to see a specialist solicitor as soon as they can to get the proceedings going.”

We have represented lots of younger clients. They have come to us because they have been assaulted, stabbed or shot at – at school, on the street, in sport, social activities, on public transport or in their own homes.

If this effects you or your child and you want to make a claim then contact us today for advice and help. Don’t delay or they may lose out. We are friendly and approachable and we will have your child’s best interests at heart.