Celebrating Our Community Champions Pt4

Meet one of today’s Community champions, Paralegal Michele Gregory.

Michele tells us how she has gone from ‘unfit to fab’ in just a few short months. Ultimately for a terrific cause.

michele-gregory“Prior to lockdown I signed up to join a ‘couch to 5K’ running group. The group is open to people of all abilities and is endorsed by the Jamie Horrocks Trust (JHT Sole Mates), who are members of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

“Jamie Horrocks was just 37 when he took his own life and the trust raises funds in Jamie’s name. Their main focus is to champion community-based projects that reduce the risks of young people having suicidal thoughts whilst also providing support to those people affected by suicide.

“The running group had previously discussed doing a sponsored event for the Trust when we completed our group 5k. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this naturally had to be postponed. However, being mindful that the event will definitely still go ahead at some point, I decided to keep up with my running during the lockdown.

covid19-community-champion-rosette“I am now at the stage where my aim is to complete three 5k runs a week – which is a great opportunity to get some fresh air/me time. This weekend, I completed my 20th lockdown solo run. This is a huge personal achievement for me.”

Michele also went on to tell us that she has been making an extra plate of food, each Sunday, for one of her neighbours who lives alone.

“There’s nothing better than a big Sunday roast with the family, but I appreciate it’s a lot of effort to make for one person. So popping an extra plate into her porch on a Sunday has been really appreciated. In return, she has made us homemade flapjacks and cookies. It’s like the good old days!”

Well done Michele! We think you’re a great testament to how improving your own wellbeing can also improve the lives of others.