Success at the Child Brain Injury Trust Quiz

We gathered in the function rooms above Albert Shed, Castlefield. 90 of us. 10 on each table. A bar at one end of the room, raffle prizes table and PA system at the other. A sea of grey and black suits.

The table plan showed we were on table 7, sharing with JMW PI team 2.

Other teams in the room included Slater and Gordon team 1 and team 2, JWM PI team 2 , JMW clin neg team 1 and team 2, Irwin Mitchell team 1 and team 2 , McHale & Co, Jefferies, Medical collation and chronology, Medical Records Collation, Nestor, Kings Chambers team 1 and team 2, JMW family.

After a fine buffet featuring hog roast, stuffed peppers, rice, corn on the cob, salad etc we were set.

We kicked off with a resounding groan “We are going to be so bad at this……..”

After 40 questions on general knowledge, music, trivia, sport, Greek mythology, astronomy, geography later…..with a cryptic picture round and a weird quotations round we heaved a sigh of relief.

Pressure off as they drew the raffle. 2 prizes for our table. A good sign – at least we had success on the “try your luck” front

Then it was time for the Quiz answers and results………..


“in 18th place……. “

it wasn’t us!!

Collectively we heaved a sigh of relief!

And so it went on ……. to

“and in tenth place”……not us

Started getting giddy ….. knowing it would be us at any moment… ten was very respectable!

Then it got to joint third ….still not us…. (they must have lost our sheet……dismay!)

In second place……was US!

Bang! Trumpets, explosions, glitter shower – GET IN!!

That was a fantastic achievement and has put us firmly on the map.

A team from Kings Chambers won – pipped us by 1 ½ points – but they won’t do that again.

Watch out next year you legal world folks – you are in our sights !

Congratulations to Paul, Lee, Hannah and Lauren for inspired genius and thanks for a really great time.

…..That feeling when you aren’t sure are going to be good at something but you find you are – and pretty damned good at it – at that!

Well done folks! Great effort.

Bask in glory now….bask in glory……