Can a beneficiary in my will also be the executor?

Yes! An executor is someone who carries out the wishes of your will when you die. When you make your will the choice of who you might want to have as an executor is unrestricted. You are allowed to choose someone to be an executor who is also a beneficiary of your estate i.e. someone who would receive a bequest or “benefit” from the will.

As a note of caution though, there can be competing areas of possible conflict with these roles in that an executor has a duty to carry out the wishes of the will to the letter and he or she has an equal duty to all of the people set to benefit from the estate as well. Therefore, the person you choose to be the executor or executors of your will must be entirely trustworthy and someone who will honor the directions of the will fairly and not let any interests of their own as a beneficiary, conflict with their duties as the executor.

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