Are you the main care provider for a relative?

Research from Carers UK has found that in the last 2 years, 468,000 people have left their job in order to care for a loved one who is elderly, disabled or seriously injured.

In addition to those who have left paid employment, a further 5 million people are currently caring for a loved one in addition to their job.

Did you know that if a person requires care due to injury caused by medical negligence that they may be able to claim compensation to assist with their care needs?

Our NHS work tirelessly and are faced with challenges from financial cuts and staff shortages, however, sadly sometimes things go wrong. In some cases, delays in treatment, misdiagnosis or other injuries are sustained, which can have a lasting physical and/or psychological impact upon a person and in turn their care needs.

In recent months, the challenges and impact of NHS waiting times falling outside specified timescales has been identified. The prolonged wait for diagnosis and treatment can in some instances significantly impact upon prognosis, available treatment options and in turn the resulting level of care required. – This has been discussed in detail here by my colleague Lauren.

Where medical negligence has occurred, it is possible to raise a claim for compensation for up to 3 years following the negligent treatment. After this point, a claim can only be raised with the courts agreement.

During the claim process, care needs will be identified, to understand if any further treatment will assist with rehabilitation, any resources that a person may require to facilitate their day to day living and any personal care support required. This will then form part of the claim, to provide the funding required to put these facilities in place.

Whilst no amount of compensation will change the negligence that has taken place, raising a claim can assist with providing answers to the questions a person may have and in helping to build a care provision tailored to their needs.

If you would like to discuss making a claim, please contact our specialist medical negligence team on 0161 615 5554 or by email to today.