Mr Alan Norrish suspended for unnecessary surgery & falsification of records

The Cambridge based, former Addenbrooke’s surgeon was accused of carrying out the ‘unnecessary surgery’ on a patient and falsifying records to cover up his mistake.

Mr Alan Norrish, 48, from Cambridge, an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, was disciplined by the MPTS in August last year after reporting himself to the General Medical Council. He was suspended from practice with immediate effect.

He openly admitted that he had undertaken a revision surgery to rectify an earlier surgery that had not been “clinically necessary”. It was also proven that he falsified records to try to cover up his mistakes.

Price Slater Gawne has now seen two cases involving former patients of Mr Norrish and there are grounds for potential concern in both. Whilst these are in the early stages of investigation, it is unusual to see the same surgeon’s name appear as the clinician in the frame on seemingly unrelated cases.  It is entirely possible that this is pure coincidence, however, any other patients who are concerned that they may have recieved inappropriate or unacceptable surgery should seek legal advice.

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