Government pledges £76m to support vulnerable in lockdown

On Sat 2nd May 2020, the Government announced it would provide £76m of support for vulnerable people in lockdown; which includes victims of domestic violence, modern slavery, rough sleepers and vulnerable children.

Communities secretary Robert Jennick acknowledged that COVID-19 lockdown is making it harder for people in often dangerous situations to seek help. At the daily government briefing he stated that “for victims of domestic violence, lockdown can mean being trapped in a nightmare”.

He also addressed those in already difficult family situations, which were being made worse by lockdown by saying “You are not alone, you do not have to stay at home, you can and you should leave the home if you are in danger”.

The announcement was welcomed by victims of domestic violence who are set to receive additional support with housing and priority access to local housing, with funds being given to charities to support those needing help.

The Government’s domestic abuse bill has now had its second reading in Parliament and it is anticipated that this will create the first-ever legal definition of domestic abuse to ensure that vulnerable victims of domestic violence are given priority status for housing.

There have also been a number of governmental social media campaigns to provide information featuring the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone which we covered in one of our previous blog posts.

And in addition, Boots the Chemist announced that victims of domestic violence can now use the pharmacy consultation rooms if the cannot find a safe space at home during the lockdown. Initiatives for free train travel – via means of the Rail to Refuge campaign – is also available to victims of domestic violence who have to leave home without money.

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