£4,400 for the psychological trauma of a witness to violence.

D was seriously assaulted by strangers one night as he and his girlfriend E made their way home now night. E was there throughout the attack, trying to stop it from happening. She witnessed all of it. She called the police and ambulance. She stayed with D,   trying to look after him while they waited for an ambulance.  He was unconscious, lifeless. He had lost a lot of blood. E was sure he would die. When the ambulance arrived she went to hospital with him, staying with him at the hospital whilst he had surgery.

D survived and made a very good recovery but the events of that night had a profound effect on E. She became too frightened to go out at night and avoided going out alone. She did not go out socially and stopped going to gym classes and pursuing her hobbies.

Fortunately, with the help of counselling, she began to get her life back on track it the months afterwards.

We were pleased to act for her , investigate the claim, gather the evidence and present the claim to the CICA. For the psychological trauma she went through because of that night she was awarded  £4,400.