Care Quality Commission Inspectors who visited the Autumn Grange home in Nottingham last November closed the home straight away and called the police – such was the disgraceful and dangerous state of the place. The home had 30 residents, some suffering from dementia, all had care needs. The inspectors discovered residents with head injuries, bruises, cuts, swollen hands and other unexplained injuries. Some residents were dressed in the same clothes they had been wearing for several days, others left with out any personal or hygiene needs being met.

The residents were moved to other accommodation but the death of one lady 2 weeks later has caused the police to investigate manslaughter charges against 11 staff. She is believed to have been mistreated, lost weight and had bed sores.

If nursing and care needs are not met in care homes, victims and their families are entitled to complain. They are also entitled to sue for negligence.

A large number of medical staff, including GPs, district nurses, community care staff for example: chiropodists, physiotherapists as well as care home staff come into contact with older people in residential and nursing homes every day. All of these are responsible for that patient’s clinical welfare. The poor standards at the Autumn Grange should have been picked up much earlier. They should have been obvious to medical visitors and just as obvious to any blameless staff who worked there.

If you believe a relative or a friend needs advice about the treatment they received or is receiving in a home then please contact us.