Cerebral Palsy

Re A This was a cerebral palsy claim brought on behalf of a young man who was aged 16 years at the date of final settlement. Our client had a mild dyskinetic cerebral palsy which it was alleged had been caused by a 7-minute delay in delivery. He was fully and independently mobile and was […]

Head injury

Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Hospitals NHS Trust This was an extremely complex case on behalf of a young man who suffered multiple injuries, including serious head injury, in a road traffic accident. He was admitted firstly to hospital and then to a rehabilitation centre where it was alleged that, due to poor physiotherapy and management […]

abuse claim

Price Slater Gawne supports letter to Justice Secretary David Gauke

Child sexual abuse and exploitation is on the increase – all over the U.K. Reports of child sexual abuse and exploitation are high profile in the UK. Over 54,000 sexual offences were recorded against children in 2015/16. High numbers of victims who have not disclosed their abuse need to be added to this as well. […]

Negligent use of IVC filter

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust The Claimant, who had a history of hyper-coagulation syndrome to include PE’s and DVT’s, developed breast cancer and required a lumpectomy. An IVC filter was advised and placed prior to the lumpectomy to protect the Claimant against injury from clots because her anticoagulants had to be stopped for the […]

£4,400 for the psychological trauma of a witness to violence.

D was seriously assaulted by strangers one night as he and his girlfriend E made their way home now night. E was there throughout the attack, trying to stop it from happening. She witnessed all of it. She called the police and ambulance. She stayed with D,   trying to look after him while they waited […]

Injured at a Music Festival

Injured at Music Festival

When H was injured in a large crowd at a music festival he was taken off to the paramedics for treatment and then to hospital. He had deep cuts to the back of his head where missiles had hit him. Months later he still had significant scars on the back of his head. Because he […]

Failure to diagnose spinal infection

Countess of Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust We inherited this claim from a non-specialist solicitor. It had been investigated as an alleged failure by the Claimant’s GP to refer him to hospital in relation to vertebral osteomyelitis, which eventually caused him to need radical spinal surgery and which left him with severe mobility problems and […]

Delay in diagnosing brain tumour

GPs and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust This was a complex clinical negligence claim in which the Claimant sought damages from her former GPs and from the Hospital in relation to alleged delays in referring her to hospital with signs and symptoms which were eventually diagnosed as a brain tumour. The Claimant’s allegations spanned […]

Bowel perforation arising from caesarean section

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust This was a case brought on behalf of a young woman who was aged 22 years old at the date of injury. Our client had a very difficult delivery of her first born child. There were serious issues concerning labour and delivery which was by way of caesarean section […]

Negligent management of Crohn’s disease

Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Hospitals NHS Trust This claim arose out of a delay in performance of a hemi-colectomy (removal of a segment of bowel) in a man with Crohn’s Disease, such that his bowel perforated, he developed sepsis and subsequently a number of different fistulae (connections between the bowel and other organs or tissues) […]