Complaints against Doctors double in 5 years

Figures released by the General Medical Council have shown that complaints against doctors have doubled in the past 5 years. In 2012 over 8100 complaints were made compared with under 4000 in 2007. It is estimated that around a third of complaints led to a full investigation by the GMC. The majority of complaints came […]

Patients at risk as Mental Health Services hit crisis point

A leading psychiatrist has spoken out about the state of Mental Health Services in England, the BBC reports. Dr Martin Baggaley is the medical director of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust spoke out following an investigation by BBC News and Community Care magazine, which revealed that more than 1500 mental health beds have […]

APIL calls for fatal accident damages to be reviewed and increased

The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 provides a fixed bereavement award. APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) had campaigned for a regular increased in bereavement damages to fall in line with inflation. In 2007 the government identified that these damages should be reviewed every 3 years. The level of this award was reviewed and increased in […]

A guide for things to look out for in a residential care home

When we think of the people that need to live full time in a care home, we are usually thinking of the elderly and/or the vulnerable. It can be very difficult for both them and their families to adjust if they have to move into a care home. It is not unusual for the family […]

NHS pays £16 million to 700 victims of bed sores

The Daily Mirror today reports that the NHS has now spent £16 million on compensation to 700 people who suffered bedsores (pressure sores or pressure ulcers). This is staggering. Not because of the sums involved, but because of the fact that these were all man made injuries (iatrogenic). Pressure ulcers form as a result of […]

The NHS Mistakes that ‘”Never” Happen

The term ‘never event’ conjures up only one meaning: it should NEVER happen and you would be forgiven for believing the same. However, recent statistics highlighted in The Telegraph have shown that the NHS mistakes that “Never” happen have nearly doubled over the past year. Examples of ‘never events’ include operating on the wrong side […]

Anaesthetic Awareness – The Silent Scream

Can you imagine what it is like to have an operation, but for the anaesthetic to have failed? You can see and hear everything around you, you may even be able to feel the pain from the surgeon’s knife, but the drugs have left you paralysed. Patients who have had this happen to them often […]

Diagnosing A Brain Tumour In Patients Presenting With Symptoms Of Galactorrhoea

Galactorrhoea is a state of inappropriate lactation from the breasts. This can be caused by medications such as certain anti-depressants and contraceptive pills. However, it can also occur due to the presence of Hyperprolactinemia (raised Prolactin levels). Hyperprolactinaemia is most commonly occurs as a consequence of pregnancy and lactation. It can also occur as a […]

Organ Donation – Should I Register or Not?

One of the latest proposals to be floated by the NHS is to give priority to people who are actually registered organ donors, if they themselves need a transplant. The NHS wants to increase the number of people agreeing to donate organs as there is a national shortage in donated organs. They believe that if […]

NHS Complaints – How they are Handled – An Analysis

In the wake of shocking cases of neglect and cover up coming from Mid Staffs hospital, I would like to look at the way that the NHS handles complaints from patients. For a number of years now, certainly since I have been practicing law, the Health Service Ombudsman has encouraged NHS Trusts to adopt a […]