Suicide amongst Men on the increase in the UK

The Office of National Statistics has published their latest report on deaths by suicide in the UK. The report shows an overall increase in deaths of this kind during last year and overall they are at their highest since 2004. Specifically, the figures show an increase in the number of male suicides last year which […]

Lord Saatchi Innovation Bill

At the outset of this we wish to express our deepest sympathy and condolences for Lord Saatchi who has introduced a bill at the House of Lords following the death of his wife. It is always a cause for great sadness when someone loses their fight with cancer. What is concerning is that Lord Saatchi […]

No Fault Compensation Scheme a good idea?

The recent report produced by the centre right think tank the Centre for Policy Studies has called for a no fault compensation scheme for medical negligence claims against the NHS. The logic behind it being that they are too expensive as things stand. Notwithstanding the impact that the recent changes to costs will have in […]

Centre for Policy Studies calls for “no fault” compensation scheme

The Centre for Policy studies, a centre right think tank set up by Mrs Thatcher, has published a report calling for tort reform to protect the NHS and the education system. It makes entertaining reading. Firstly I must put my cards on the table. Whilst I abhor the Claims Management Companies that bombard your phone […]