Road Safety – Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians - For All

Road Safety – Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians – For All!

In 2016, there were 18,477 cyclists involved in reported road traffic accidents. 3,499 of this total were seriously injured or killed. These figures are only a fraction of the accidents involving cyclists because numerous cycling accidents are not reported to the police. Pedestrians are also at risk of being injured by cyclists just as much […]

Positive developments to the Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme currently operating in England is set to undergo a significant change next year, to extend eligibility to those with ‘hidden disabilities’. As it currently stands, the scheme operating in England allows people with physical disabilities to park (outside of Central London) free of charge in public pay and display car parks […]

Asset Protection Trusts - Beware

Asset Protection Trusts – Beware!

It is unfortunate that many elderly people have to sell their homes in order to pay for care fees, when understandably; they may wish to leave their homes to their children. Indeed many children expect to inherit their parents’ homes. Currently, if the value of a person’s estate is worth more than £23,000, they will […]

Is it time to end the blame game?

If you have ever spoken to friend or family member that is either going through a divorce or you are divorced yourself, you are probably aware that there are 5 grounds on which a divorce can be granted: simply living separately for a minimum of 2 years is the first one. Then the other 4 […]

Summer Holidays and LPAs

Summer Holidays and LPAs…

Summer holidays are the conversation topic of choice for lots of people at the moment, particularly as the start of school holidays sees an increase in the number of people jetting off to destinations worldwide. For many people, upcoming holidays means ticking jobs off the ‘to do’ list; ensuring all travel documents are in place, […]

Deliberate Poisoning

Deliberate Poisoning

The effects of poisoning have hit headlines in recent months as incidents involving nerve agents have been reported in Amesbury and Salisbury, poisoning five people, including one fatality. Whilst these two incidents have received significant news coverage, with latest reports outlining safety measures being introduced around the fatal victim, Dawn Sturgess’ funeral, there are in […]

Who is talking about professional deputies?

There has been a great deal of talk recently regarding the suitability of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) and whether these provide adequate safeguards. I think it is good that a debate has been sparked but why aren’t we also looking at Court appointed deputies and in particular the conduct of some professional deputies? Professional […]

A positive outcome for survivors of historic abuse

There has been an important Court of Appeal ruling recently about the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and how it treats victims of historic abuse. The ruling could mean that claims that have not been allowed to proceed before could now be allowed to go ahead. The change that has occurred concerns a rule called the […]

Sometimes historic abuse is hidden and covered up for years and years. That does not mean that it has been forgotten.

It’s not too late but don’t leave it too late…

You can claim compensation for abuse even though it happened years ago and the perpetrator has died. Sometimes historic abuse is hidden and covered up for years and years. That does not mean that it has been forgotten. Aston Hall Hospital in Derbyshire was a Hospital who took in children, young people and some adults […]

Catalyst for change?

The catalyst for change?

The Supreme Court today rejected Mrs Tini Owens’ appeal to end her unhappy marriage to her husband High Owens, thereby dismissing her application for divorce. Mr and Mrs Owens married in 1978 and have two adult children. Although she stated that she had been contemplating divorce since 2012, she only separated from her husband in […]