Use your head – use a lawyer

The internet makes all sorts of things accessible that would not have been possible in the past.  Conducting your own personal injury claim via the Criminal Injuries Scheme web page is one of those things. An application can be made via their website and the CICA will then deal with the case direct with the […]

Why I made a will

It may surprise people to know that lawyers are no different to the rest of us. We know that we need a Will but put off making one. That was me until two years ago. I never got round to it. I knew that I needed to make one but could always think of a […]

I’ve been cut out of the Will! Can I challenge it?

If you feel that you have been left out of the Will of a parent or close family member, you will no doubt feel aggrieved and will want to know what your options are. In these circumstances, it may be possible to make a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. […]

Cohabitees – If one of you dies, who would inherit?

Many cohabiting couples who are unmarried put off making a Will. It’s never pleasant to think about what would happen to your property if you were to die, but if you are not married and living with a partner, you need to give this some thought. A lot of people believe that if they fail […]

Testamentary freedom in English Law – is it being eroded?

It has long been a core principle in English law that people are able to leave their property to whomever they choose in their Will. The purpose of this article is to examine whether this principle still holds true in light of the recent Supreme Court judgment in Ilott v Mitson. The Ilott Judgment, delivered […]

Tickets, money, passports… Will?

An impending holiday, for some reason, gives rise to those irrational thoughts of a possible disaster (maybe it’s due to the common anxiety that comes with flying!). This often results in clients coming to us in a last minute panic as they realise their Will is not up-to-date! It’s quite common now for three generations […]

Report on failings in maternity care at Pennine Acute Hospitals

Yesterday I was reminded with such anger, sadness and indignation, as to why I do the work that I do as a medical negligence Solicitor. The Manchester Evening News published the most dreadful of reports concerning the failings of care in maternity services in the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. The report (which it seems […]

The real reason why claimant solicitors cost the NHS so much in legal fees

We clinical negligence lawyers often get a bad press, with the red tops regularly running stories about the legal fees paid to claimant lawyers by the NHS. There is another side to this (of course, there always is) which the story of my client Ted (not his real name) will help to tell. It’s a […]

Delay in Diagnosis

GPs face increasing patient demands, mainly due to an ageing population and the complexities of their health conditions. In theory a GP will see a patient who presents with a set of symptoms and signs. They follow a simple process by taking a history, doing an examination, through to reaching a diagnosis. However the diagnostic […]