Acid attacks

The UK has some of the highest rates of acid attacks in the world. An average of two attacks per day are recorded by police forces across the country. Some of these horrific crimes are not always reported meaning that the figures may only be a fraction of the true total. An acid attack is […]

I have been injured because of violence. How do I claim compensation?

If you have come to this page you have most probably been injured due to physical or sexual violence. This article provides an overview of how we can help you to claim money so that you can start to recover from your experience. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government body that deals with […]

Worried about a challenge to your Will? A letter of wishes may help

Sometimes, choosing who to include in a Will and who to leave out can be a difficult decision. You might have a large circle of family and friends and your estate might not be big enough to go around. You might wish to benefit struggling family members above those who are more financially stable. Alternatively […]

Have you set your goals for 2018?

New Year, New You?

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas decorations are coming down, there’s no turkey left for curries or sandwiches and that hideous knitted jumper that only comes out once a year is now back in the closet, not to be seen or spoken of again for another eleven months. Now is the time to […]

Domestic violence at Christmas

For most of us Christmas is a time of love, happiness and fun. But for many people Christmas can be the most difficult time of the year. Statistics have shown a seasonal surge of domestic violence at Christmas year on year. Factors such as the financial pressure of Christmas, increased stress and anxiety and increased […]

Why I chose to make a Will through Will Aid

Firstly, a confession: despite the fact that I spend much of my professional life advising people of the importance of making a Will, until recently I was one of the sixty per cent of adults in England and Wales who has not made a Will. The very definition of the poorly-shod cobbler. I could come […]

The Law Society backs alternative wills

On 9 November 2017, the Law Society said that if a person has expressed their final wishes in a format other than a legally valid Will, the Courts should be able to recognise those wishes. The Law Society was responding to the Law Commission’s consultation into Will reform. The consultation closed on 10 November and […]

Lasting Power of Attorney: A response to the comments made by Judge Lush

In August 2017, Denzil Lush, a retired Senior Judge from the Court of Protection, said he would never sign a Lasting Power of Attorney because of the risk of financial abuse and the devastating effects on family relationships. Judge Lush also commented that the system of appointing deputies by the Court of Protection had been […]

Do you want to become an organ donor? Don’t forget to tell your family

Becoming an organ donor is one of the greatest acts of kindness there is, and many people are comforted by the knowledge that they will be helping other people to live on after they themselves have died. Many donors insert clauses into their Wills expressing their wishes to donate their organs. Such clauses are perfectly […]

Digital Powers of Attorney – is that such a good idea?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently suggested that Lasting Powers of Attorney should be granted online, removing the need for “wet” signatures. The idea is that this should make Powers of Attorney easier to apply for. The FCA made the proposal in a paper about improving financial services for the elderly, which was published […]